Old angry lefties ‘nothing but a pack of bullies’ – Mark Richardson

The AM Show 08/08/2018

The AM Show co-host Mark Richardson is unimpressed with the narrative that unfolded around Don Brash’s cancelled speaking event.

Dr Brash was scheduled to speak at a Massey University event on Wednesday before it was cancelled due to "security concerns".

They hear half of what you say… Then they magnify it by 100.

Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas said "security concerns" were behind the cancellation, but went on to cite concerns about Dr Brash's controversial views.

Richardson launched into a rant on Wednesday over how Dr Brash has become a victim of something he sees "all the time" from left-wing New Zealanders.

“They hear half of what you say, or a quarter of what you say,” Richardson began.

“Then they attribute their own meaning to what you say.

“Then they magnify it by 100. And then they go to town on you. And then they encourage others to go to town on you.

“They are nothing but a pack of bullies.”

Nevertheless, Prof Thomas refused to apologise for her actions on RadioLIVE Drive, saying Dr Brash's views on the Treaty of Waitangi are incompatible with Massey, which is now "Te Tiriti o Waitangi-led".

Mr Brash says he's glad for the widespread support he's received - and he won't take legal action against Prof Thomas.

Watch the full commentary above. 

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