Some ethnic communities feel unsafe in Auckland

The AM Show 20/08/2018

More than 200 different ethnic communities call Auckland home and some of them don't feel safe.

On Monday evening, a group will gather in west Auckland to discuss these fears.

With recent dairy robberies and handbag snatchers, the public meeting will focus on crime and safety and how it can be improved.

Ethnic People's Advisory Panel chairperson Sunil Kaushal told the AM Show people of colour feel unsafe.

"Some of the elderly people from the ethnic communities can't speak English so they become an easier target, more vulnerable."

He's calling for more police officers to walk the streets, but says that's not the only solution.

"Yes we need more police staff to be resourced, but not only that. There's things like community patrol, which I participate in."

He says whatever the solution; he wants to see change happen.

"We don't want to be unsafe on our streets so if that means tougher sentences then certainly, tougher sentences."

The meeting will take place in west Auckland at 5:30pm on Monday.

A criminal justice summit run by Justice Minister Andrew Little will also kick off on Monday night.

Watch the full interview above.

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