The AM Show hosts clash over Jacinda Ardern's US visit

The AM Show 28/09/2018

Jacinda Ardern’s visit to the United States has split The AM Show hosts, who became divided over whether she deserves praise for gaining New Zealand positive international attention.

Amanda Gillies applauded the Prime Minister’s actions, remarking that she "put us on the map".

"I think she's been a star. She's been charismatic, she's been charming, she's had audiences on those big TV shows," she said on Friday.

But Mark Richardson countered his co-host, saying she’s gone too far with her praise.

"The Prime Minister going to the talk-fest at the UN and doing what many, many other PMs have done before," he told Gillies. "We are already on the map!"

After a survey of the public's views showed he was in the minority, Richardson was left unimpressed.

"There probably should be another category in the poll that says Mark Richardson could have done just as good a job," he said.

Watch the full debate above.

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