‘How bad is he really?’: Duncan Garner defends Donald Trump

The AM Show 31/10/2018

Duncan Garner has come to the defence of President Donald Trump after an American mucisian condemned the use of his song at a political event.  

“I mean, what’s he guilty of?” asks Garner.

The comments come after American celebrity Pharrell Williams threatened legal action against the President after his song was played at a political event where Mr Trump gave a speech.

Mr Williams said he was horrified that ‘Happy’ had been played on the same day as the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. His lawyer sent a cease and desist letter to Mr Trump indicating copyright infringement and a trademark violation, the Washington Post reports.

Pharrell Williams. Photo: Getty.

Garner questioned the popular artist's reaction to the song being used, asking: "Are we overreacting?"

Mark Richardson agreed, saying: "I've been saying this for some time - America is ripping itself apart over Trump - Trump isn't ripping America apart."

"If the Democrats get control of the Senate and open up impeachment, what can they impeach him on? Being a bit of a diddle?" said Richardson.

But Amanda Gillies wasn’t convinced.

 The AM Show newsreader said Mr Trump is "racist, he's sexist, he's homophobic, he takes the mickey out of people with intellectual disabilities, he's just morally, I don't think, a good man". 

Watch the full commentary above.

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