KiwiBuild housing a ‘facade’ where the poor miss out - Duncan Garner

The AM Show 31/10/2018

Duncan Garner has come out firing at the cost of KiwiBuild houses and the number being built.

On Monday, Judith Collins tweeted a screenshot of a social media post by the first couple to buy a KiwiBuild house, saying they may not "need taxpayer support," which led them to delete their social media account.

On Wednesday morning, The AM Show host said Collins was not right to target the couple, but was "bang-on in the issue".

KiwiBuild is not affordable for the strugglers.

"KiwiBuild is not affordable for the strugglers, who are still locked out of the home ownership dream despite what they heard during the election."

He said the project is a victory of marketing over the genuine processes that are needed to help the housing crisis.

"We've built 18 in one year, yet Phil Twyford says we'll build 1000 in the first year."

"At $650,000 KiwiBuild is for the middle classes and the upwardly mobile."

He said the price leaves behind people in poorer suburbs who were "conned" by the positive marketing.

Yet, he said, it is slightly better than what National did, "which was let the market run wild, bring in tens of thousands of immigrants, cross their fingers, and hope that the houses magically appear."

Garner emphasised that KiwiBuild remains a “magic, marketing thing” that is doing no good for the struggling Kiwis who need it.

“It’s a lottery where the poor remain on the sidelines, slipping further behind the Jones who are moving in across the road.”

Watch the full commentary above.

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