New red light cameras installed around Auckland

The AM Show 02/10/2018

Six new red light cameras have been installed at high crash risk intersections across Auckland, a move which has been welcomed by road safety campaigners.

Two cameras have been installed at the intersection of Great South Rd and Cavendish Dr, with another two installed between Te Irirangi Dr and Accent Dr.

Two more have been installed on Great North Rd and Rata St, as well as on Great South Rd and Reagan Rd.

The new camera sites are funded by the regional fuel tax.

It comes after six red light cameras were switched on in June, after an investigation by Stuff revealed that Auckland Transport's existing cameras had not worked for years.

It was revealed that police had issued over 2300 infringement notices in two and a half months, and that people are caught 30 times a day breaking the law.

AA infrastructure principal advisor Barney Irvine told The AM Show on Tuesday that the research is clear – red light cameras reduce violators and injuries. 

The cameras have been stalled in the past because they add to police workload of infringements to process, said Mr Irvine.

The new camera sites are funded by the regional fuel tax.

“That has been a constraint, so that’s certainly going to be something that needs to be addressed as we increase the numbers of them.”

Road safety campaigner Caroline Perry, director of Brake New Zealand, says more needs to be done about running red lights across the country.

"We need to be encouraging those conversations around the risks of red light running," she told Newshub.

In Auckland, between 2012 and 2016, intersection crashes due to red light running resulted in four deaths and 75 serious injuries.

Auckland mayor Phil Goff said in August the red light cameras will improve the city's safety.

"We are not interested in red light cameras as a revenue raising measure. We are publicising where the cameras will be to change behaviour and prevent people being hurt and killed, not to catch people out," Mr Goff said.

A trial of red light cameras in Auckland between 2008 and 2010 reduced red light running by 43 percent and crashes by 69 percent, he added.

Over the next ten years, Mr Goff plans to bring the total number of red light cameras in Auckland to 42.

Auckland is also set to have lower speed limits introduced in some areas.

In September Auckland Transport confirmed plans to make the CBD a 30km/h speed limit. It wants to drop speed limits on 700km, or about 10 percent, of Auckland's roads to thwart an increase in the number of serious crashes in the city.

Busy Auckland City roads such as Newmarket's Broadway will have their speed limit reduced to 30 or 40km/h.

Last month, Newshub revealed the most profitable speed cameras in New Zealand. 

Watch the full interview with Barney Irvine above.

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