The AM Show hosts clash over who should get superannuation

The AM Show 23/10/2018

Ryan Bridge is calling for a major overhaul of the New Zealand superannuation system, prompting backlash from his fellow host on The AM Show.

Bridge argues that the “crazy expensive” system needs to be axed for some New Zealanders – like the wealthy and new migrants.

"I'll have to pay more in tax over the coming years in my lifetime to support the free ride at 65 unless we cut back.

"Rich people shouldn't get it, new migrants shouldn't get it, under 70s shouldn't get it either. Why? We can't afford it."

But Mark Richardson argued that he had worked hard and deserved his super upon retirement.

"I deserve my super, because I've paid my taxes," Richardson said.

"In fact as somebody who's probably made a little bit more than the average person I've paid a little bit more than the average tax.”

I deserve my super, because I've paid my taxes.

Amanda Gillies also wasn't on Bridge's side, saying she couldn't imagine denying her parents super.

"I look at my parents who worked so hard all their life, had their own business. Dad would often sleep out in the car when they first started because it saved on petrol - that kind of thing," she said.

"Right now they deserve to be looked after."

Despite opposition from his fellow hosts, Bridge wouldn’t back down from his call to cut the superannuation system.

"So let's call a cut-off point, let's say anyone under the age of 40 will be affected by this... we can expect some pretty severe cuts," Bridge said.

The argument comes as a Member's Bill proposes increasing how long immigrants must be in New Zealand before becoming eligible for super.

Watch the full argument above.

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