Self-driving air taxis coming to New Zealand

The AM Show 16/10/2018

Air New Zealand has announced it is partnering with aviation company Zephyr Airworks to bring Australasia's first pilot-free air taxi service to the New Zealand market.

Zephyr, a company backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, is developing “the Cora” plane which will be tested in Canterbury.

Air New Zealand Chief Executive Christopher Luxon said the airline is committed to making life easier for New Zealanders and exploring cleaner energy options.

"Through the development of their autonomous electric air taxi Cora, the possibility of getting from A to B quickly and safely, and also relieving the impact of polluting emissions, is very real indeed."

Zephyr Airworks chief executive Fred Reid said it's exciting to be working with Air New Zealand.

"With its culture of innovation, high standards, and vision for a sustainable future, Air New Zealand is the perfect partner to help us reinvent mobility for everyday flight in New Zealand."

The companies are working with New Zealand regulatory agencies, government, community, iwi and business.

Plans to introduce air taxis to Dubai were revealed in June 2017. They are set to be in public use in the coming years.

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