Specsavers invests $6.5m in eye screening technology

The AM Show

New eye screening technology may be the ticket to keeping your eyes clear of vision-threatening conditions.

In September, optometrists Specsavers announced a $6.5 million investment in an eye screening technology called an OCT scan.

Available at every Specsavers location, the OCT scan helps optometrists with a more accurate detection of eye diseases.

The OCT scan, available in an Eye Health Check at Specsavers, can detect a wide range of eye diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

St Lukes' Specsavers optometrist Sima Lal spoke to Amanda Gillies about her recent experience with the OCT scan. 

Earlier this year, the brand revealed an emotional campaign to get New Zealanders to think about the value of their eyesight.  

The video begins at a fake medical research company where visitors are asked what value they place on their eyes.

“Would that involve me not having my eyes?” one visitor asks.

“Correct,” responds the fake researcher.

The visitors eventually all come up with the same heart-warming conclusion – that their eyes are priceless.

This is sponsored by our friends at Specsavers.  

Watch the full advertisement above. 

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