'Gold-plated' super scheme a 'kick in the teeth' – Duncan Garner

The AM Show 12/11/2018

Supreme Court chief justice Dame Sian Elias is leaving her role next year - and could be taking with her a giant hoard of taxpayers' money.

Her superannuation scheme allows her to put in up to five percent of her salary, which is then matched by $7.50 for every dollar she puts in.

But The AM Show host Duncan Garner calls her "gold-plated" plan a "kick in the teeth for us".

"She won't know what to spend all her money on," he said on Monday.

"I'm not anti-wealth, but I do find it obscene that as taxpayers we put $7.50 into her superannuation account for every dollar that she puts in."

Based on her salary history, and depending on her super fund investment performance, Dame Elias could be leaving with around $6.5m - far more than the average Kiwi will ever get.

At a time when KiwiSaver benefits have been cut, it's a comparison that leaves Garner fuming.

"Look at KiwiSaver since its introduction. National took away the $1000 kickstart for the kids, they cut the $1040 annual hand-out to be $520 - but come on, $7.50?" he asked.

"For a Government's that's taken measures to rein in salaries in the public sector - and they have - this looks obscene.

"No wonder there's the rise and rise of the grumpy voter, who after years of pay freezes and cuts and things like that, looks at this sort of thing and just gets angry and frustrated and feels left out of a society they once called egalitarian New Zealand."

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