‘Too important to ignore’: Garner reiterates call to ban smoking in cars with kids

The AM Show 07/11/2018

Duncan Garner is basking in the “overwhelming feedback” received on The AM Show’s campaign to ban smoking in cars with kids.

The AM Show host remarked that even Winston Peters, the "common sense strain of the government," strongly supports the ban.

Mr Peters has backed the ban, saying "children haven't got a choice".

"I mean a husband or a wife's got a choice in a vehicle so therefore it should be banned when they're [children] in the car."

Garner said the matter was too important to ignore for the 100,000 children affected by second hand smoke each week.

"The excuses not to do it in my view do not outweigh the good that could come from stopping these kids breathing in second-hand smoke in a pretty confined space."

He said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's response to the claims yesterday was underwhelming, as she said the call to ban smoking in cars was a "secondary measure" in the fight for a smokefree 2025 in New Zealand.

She said she wanted to see a consensus on the issue, as the Government was unable to "pass things without support".

Garner said we have to be the voice of the thousands of children who don't have voices of their own.

The AM Show's petition can be found here.

Watch the full commentary above.

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