Campaign calls for tourists to help guard New Zealand outdoors, culture

The AM Show 02/11/2018

Tourists will now be encouraged to act as “guardians of Aotearoa” in a new campaign to help protect New Zealand’s environment and culture.

An initiative, called Te Aki - Care for New Zealand, wants travellers to experience the country in a way where they take a collective duty to care for its unique features.

“This is about safe and responsible travel,” said Chris Roberts, chief executive of Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

He told The AM Show that New Zealand has a responsibility to educate visitors on how to behave when visiting.

This includes educating visitors about road rules and courtesies, being safe in the outdoors, and respecting local cultures.

“We want them to be part of that guardianship,” Mr Roberts said, emphasising that the expectations apply to New Zealanders as well.  

Seven New Zealand organisations have joined forces to create the campaign, including Air New Zealand, the Department of Conservation, Local Government New Zealand, New Zealand Māori Tourism, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Tourism Industry Aotearoa and Tourism New Zealand.

Watch the full interview with Chris Roberts above.

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