Fighterfighters had a busy night battling Guy Fawkes blazes

The AM Show 06/11/2018

Firefighters are taking a break after attending as many as 250 emergency Guy Fawkes callouts over Monday night.

The celebrations saw firefighters working around the clock, especially in northern areas. Paul Radden from Fire and Emergency says Auckland crews had a busy Monday night.

"In the two-hour period of eight-o'clock to ten o'clock last night we had 84 calls just in the Northern communications area," he told RadioLIVE.

National Advisor Fire Risk Management Peter Gallagher told The AM Show we've been "naughtier than last year" and there's been some "absolutely silly stuff".

All fireworks have potential to cause harm, destruction, injury and perhaps even death, he said.

"It's all about using them safely and, unfortunately, we're seeing people use them totally incorrectly."

A large scrub fire on Mount Wellington had firefighters tied up for hours, with five crews attending the blaze.

A witness says the smell of the fire was so strong it could be sensed inside buildings.

"People have been stopping outside the Rock Climbing Gym (Extreme Edge Panmure) and watching," they told Newshub.

"We could smell the smoke from inside when we were climbing, so the staff went outside and saw and rang 111."

Auckland resident Reuben Lawson told Newshub he saw multiple fire trucks headed past when he stopped to take photos of the fire.

"I was just driving between Glenn Innes and Mt Wellington when I stopped at a set of lights on Morrin Road and noticed that the hill was ablaze," he said.

"So I pulled over and grabbed a few photos, was there for about five minutes and in that time four fire trucks arrived."

There were no reports of injuries.

Some people are calling for a ban on the commercial sales of fireworks, one person pointing to the mess left over from Guy Fawkes Night as a reason.

"I'm embarrassed of the human race," the person said in an irate email to Newshub, accompanied by images of Mission Bay Beach strewn with litter from fireworks.

Watch the full interview with Peter Gallagher above.

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