Mark Richardson’s savage advice to first home buyers

The AM Show 28/11/2018

Broadcaster Mark Richardson has a message to aspiring young home owners - "stop your whining."

The AM Show host says life is "not all YOLO" and they need to "get real" if they want to get on the property ladder.

“Can you afford to buy a house?" he asks.

"And the answer for all you moaning middle-to-high income earners - especially the DINKYs out there - clearly is yes it was and yes you can.

"You have to work bloody hard. It might mean giving up the lattes, the swanky soirées and the latest iPhone but it'll pay dividends or at least grow your asset base."

Richardson says there are 1639 dwellings currently listed within the Auckland region on at $600k or lower.

"At current loan restrictions that's about $650 dollars a week in mortgage repayments. What's the average rent in Auckland? Oh - it's about that," he exclaims.

"So it's irrelevant how much deposit you may or may not need now and in the future or even where interest rates are headed in the short to median term.

"What really matters is you stop your whining, get down from you're lofty perch of entitlement, stop finding excuses and get real."

Watch the full commentary above.

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