'Pathetically weak': Garner calls for stronger laws for mobile use while driving

The AM Show 07/12/2018

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has slammed the "pathetically weak"  motoring laws that slap a $80 fine to motorists caught using their mobile.

Garner admitted on Friday that he's at fault for using his phone while driving, with his kids often telling him off. Despite now having a hands-free device, he says he still breaks the law "all too often".

Earlier this week, Garner counted the number of motorists using their phone while on his way to West Auckland.

"I counted 23 people… More people texting than talking. In the case of the texter, at all times their head was down while they drove."

Garner reckons the  $80 fine issued to motorists caught is part of the problem, where an Australian motorist would see a fine of $400 and four demerit points.

"It's so small that we've all decided that using our phone is worth the fine," Garner said.

According to AA, driving while talking on a mobile can be as dangerous as driving at the legal blood/alcohol limit and can increase the risk of being involved in a crash by 400 percent.

The AM Show host argues that the Government should strengthen its "pathetic " motoring laws in order to save more lives on the road.

"It's clear that we won't change our behaviours and our addictions to our phones until the fine or punishment really hurts."

Watch the full commentary above.

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