Mark Richardson hands his wallet over to the Finance Minister

The AM Show 14/12/2018

Mark Richardson has handed over his wallet to Finance Minister Grant Robertson in an effort to pay his "fair share" of taxes.

The AM Show sportsreader and out-and-proud National Party supporter came to work prepared with a wad of cash on Friday.

"I knew you were coming in this morning Grant so I went to the cash machine," he said, pulling out his wallet.

"There's a little $20... and here's another $20 because of what you're doing with the ring-fencing," Richardson - also a landlord - told him, before giving in completely.

"Just take the whole lot. Just take the whole lot. You're after it anyway. You finally got it."

Mr Robertson, who cancelled National's planned tax cuts, accepted Richardson's generous offer.

"Finally he's paying his fair share."

But that's not all the state managed to wring out of Richardson, The AM Show host Duncan Garner also handing over the former cricketer's car keys.

"Why have you got Mark's keys?" asked the Finance Minister.

"I knew you were coming in and I knew he had some gifts for you - that's the gift duty," said Garner, noting that Mr Robertson was a rare visitor to The AM Show.

"I'm happy to come in every week if this is what's going to happen," replied Mr Robertson.

But don't expect Richardson's loss to be New Zealand's gain - as the interview ended, Mr Robertson could be seen handing the car keys and wallet back.

Watch the full incident above.

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