Meet the PM's new Chief Scientific Advisor

Weekend Life 01/07/2018
Science. Photo credit: Getty.

The Prime Minister’s new Chief Science Advisor was always interested in science, but it was chemistry that she truly fell in love with.

Professor Juliet Gerrard joined Trudi Nelson on RadioLIVE's Weekend Life to spill all things science as her role goes public today.

After finding out she'd got the role over a month ago, Professor Gerrard has now accepted a three year term as the new Science Advisor for the Prime Minister.

She replaces Professor Sir Peter Gluckman as the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor, who held the post since its creation 2009.

The office was created by John Key's National Government, who said they wanted to 'put science at the heart of Government'.

It's the highest science position in the land, but what does it actually entail?

Broadly speaking, the Chief Science Advisor advises the Prime Minister on policy decisions relating to science.  

Professor Gerrard says her first wish is to talk to a number of scientists and understand the important issues that concern them.

Listen to the full interview with Professor Juliet Gerrard above.

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