Would you ditch technology for a day?

Weekend Life 23/06/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

Yoga instructor Doug Moores wants New Zealanders to ditch their screens and devices - for just one day.

Mr Moores is calling on Kiwis to reconnect with their lives beyond technology by committing to a full day of digital detox. He’s dubbed Sunday, 1 July as “Digital Detox Day”, to raise awareness of the relationship between mental health and excessive use of technology.  

“I think it’s become a big issue in terms of being constantly distracted. These devices are kind of wired like gambling machines to make us addicted.”

But many young people have told Mr Moores that it’s difficult to switch off when everyone else is switched on. By pulling out your phone, you can instantly fit into a device-obsessed group.

“If we create a new environment and new social norm than it makes it so much easier for us,” Mr Moores explained.

A digital detox also offer the opportunity to make our lives “more exciting than it is on our phone,” he explained.

“The role and effects of that can be huge.”

Uncomfortable moments can trigger many of us to reach for our phones, which Mr Moores explained is keeping us from being outgoing or creative.

Those moments could be filled with sparking a conversation or coming up with a creative idea, he suggested,  

“That’s when the magic happens,” he told RadioLIVE.

His tips for a successful digital detox on Sunday, 1 July:

  • Plan your detox day in advance with a fun activity
  • Stay accountable by telling your friends and family
  • Get others to join with you

Listen to the full video with Doug Moores above.

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