Getting to know Portia Woodman

Weekend Life 08/07/2018
Credit: Getty.

Proving that it’s not just the boys that can play rugby, 26 year old Portia Woodman won the World Rugby Women’s Player of the Year award.

She joined Trudi Nelson on RadioLIVE to talk her upbringing, her new partner and why she chose rugby over everything else.

Ms Woodman’s interest in rugby as a career began when she was 20 years old, she says, but rugby wasn’t always her dream job.

During high school, Woodman played netball for the Northern Mystics and dreamed of becoming a Silver Fern.

Once she fell in love with rugby her parents inspired her to keep training, to keep proving herself and to do what she’s good at.

Listen to the interview with Portia Woodman above.

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