Psychological barriers of being stuck in a cave

Weekend Life 08/07/2018
Credit: File.

It has now been two weeks since 12 football boys and their coach got stuck in a cave in Tham Luang Nang Non, in Thailand.

The psychological barriers of being stuck somewhere small, dark and claustrophobic could have everlasting affects.

Mark Thorpe, ex- Head of Department of Psychology at AUT University joined Trudi Nelson to discuss what the young teenage boys will be dealing with when they get out.

With 13 ambulances standing by, and their parents waiting at the other end clutching the boys hand written letters, it’s no secret the world is waiting for a miracle.

Mr Thorpe says: “our mind often doesn’t differentiate between real events and what we imagine or what we see on television.”

He believes with the boys being in a group with their coach has given them hope, but there are still barriers they will face.

The boys may have Post Traumatic Stress disorder that’s ongoing.

Mr Thorpe told RadioLIVE if the boys get out, they will probably always avoid closed dark places.

Listen to the interview with Mark Thorpe above.

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