Tips to help you ditch the plastic

Weekend Life 07/07/2018
Image: Reuters.

Plastic is one of the biggest topics at the moment with many major supermarkets and store ditching the single-use plastic bag.

Nic Turner is a behaviour changer and joined Carly Flynn on Weekend Life with some tips for doing something in the war against plastic, even if it’s not going completely cold turkey.

Ms Turner told RadioLIVE that it’s important not to demonise plastic as there are roles that it plays but we need to minimise our use of single-use plastic and focus on the small changes we can make.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.

Plastic-Free July started in Western Australia in 2011 with a focus on “The Big 4”: plastic bags, coffee cups, drink bottles, and straws.

To Ms Turner the campaign is all about being more conscious and finding a way to adjust for it to work for you.

With a lot of plastic items, such as straws, the best thing we can do is refuse them in the first place rather than finding a way to dispose of it later.

Industries are getting on board, phasing out single use plastic bags and looking into compostable options.

Ms Turner said that this shows the power of the consumer. As there is a growing awareness of plastic bags, big companies are recognising it and changing accordingly by phasing our single-use plastic bags from their stores.

Here are Nic Turner’s best tips for simple changes to minimise on plastic:

  • Switch to the biggest packet of something, rather than buying lots of little things

  • Find an alternative, like shampoo bars or bottles made from other materials

  • Buy from refill stations and bulk stores

  • Take a plate or lunchbox to the takeaway store

Listen to the full interview with Nic Turner above.

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