Weekend Life: In case you missed Saturday

Weekend Life 21/07/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Carly Flynn for Saturday, July 21st 2018.

The Block NZ: Bathroom trends

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It's Bathroom Week on The Block with four teams competing for the best bathroom with near identical town houses. Shelley Ferguson keeps them all in line trends wise and in the know with bathroom trends this season.

Magazine Madonna

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Carly is joined by Virginia Larson and Rachael Russell to talk through the biggest topics in the magazines. This week: who is most at risk of heart attacks, rates of myopia are climbing worldwide, what we mean by 'ageless', and the future of fertility.

Travel: Vancouver

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Vancouver is a coastal seaport city in western Canada, and one of Newshub's Kaye Albyts travel must-dos. It's a very visually appealing town with the mountains and sea surrounding the city and Kaye had a number of recommendations for anyone thinking of visiting.

Four day work week: Pros and cons

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AUT director of entrepreneurial success Catherine Newton talks about Kiwi company Perpetual Guardian, who adopted a two month trial of a four-day work week. Not only were staff less stressed, they also reported a better work-life balance and the company said productivity was up - it worked so well that they’re looking at making it a permanent thing.

Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan

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He’s cooked for Tom Cruise and Bill Clinton, has 21 restaurants around the world but might be largely unknown to us Kiwis, until now. Luke Mangan is in town to collaborate with Auckland’s fish restaurant on a curated five-course degustation dinner ‘Cheers to Local’ today.

Naturally lighter wines

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We’re 21 days into Dry July and for many it’s not so much a month to go completely dry, but a reminder to check in with our drinking. Beth Forrest from Forrest Wines in Marlborough joins Carly to talk about the light wine categories on offer in this country, which is on the rise thanks to a few clever Kiwi winemakers who are producing naturally low-alcohol wine as part of the NZ Lighter Wines initiative. 

Renew your mind by reducing stress

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Day-to-day life can be a bit of a drag sometimes, especially if you get stuck in a rut of chasing an ever growing to-do list and feeling tired and anxious. Clinical psychologist Chantal Hofstee thinks we can re-wire our brains to lead a rich, happy and rewarding life - predominantly by stopping stress.

Kids' eye health

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Experts have warned that the education and wellbeing of more than 225,000 New Zealand children could be at risk. Karthi Param from Specsavers joins Carly to discuss
the one in four Kiwi kids suffering from an undiagnosed eye condition. 

Motoring: Car colours

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Motoring expert Jacqui Madelin brings to attention the aspect of colours for vehicles, and the difference in colours that your get in different nations and at different price points. She also looks at the eye watering prices of petrol and diesel at the moment and whether it's having any impact on the EV market.

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