What is New Zealand's future?

Weekend Life 29/07/2018
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New Zealand is at a crossroads and people are becoming increasingly concerned about where we are headed. Are we going to be okay?

Journalist Tim Watkin joins RadioLIVE's Trudi Nelson to discuss The Big Questions: What is New Zealand’s future and can politicians still handle open debate?

The book looks at many aspects of our lives and our nation, and answers some of our “big questions”.

Experts have written about the challenges that face us and the opportunities we have to make changes for the better.

Mr Watkin says he writes about the politics end of things, after spending nine years producing political programmes.

Social media is a huge issue, with some younger generations not reading newspapers, or watching the 6pm news broadcast.

They're instead finding their news through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. How are they able to make informed decisions?

Mr Watkin discusses where the idea for the book came from, why it’s so important for New Zealand’s future and the best and worst Ministers at accepting interviews.

Listen to the interview with Tim Watkin above.

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