TV recommendations: what to watch this winter

Weekend Life 21/07/2018
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The weekend is the best time to kick back and relax with some great television. Spencer Budge joins Carly Flynn on Weekend Life every Saturday with his recommendations for what we should be watching.

This week:

Season 8, Weekly on Lightbox
Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams as Rachel and Mike are officially gone and there’s a completely new intro sequence.

Who is America?
New, weekly on Neon
Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his roles as Ali G and Borat, has been secretly going undercover doing interviews around America. The first interview has Sacha disguised as a Israeli Anti-Terrorist expert from the Israeli Military trying to bring a programme to America that helps teach children as young as 3 to fire a gun.

Dark Tourist
New, on Netflix
David Farrier travels the world visiting the darkest of tourist attractions that revolve around death.

Trial and Error
Season 2, Weekly on TVNZ Season 1 available
Trial and Error in season 1 follows New York lawyer Josh as he is sent to a rural town to defend Larry Henderson (played by LEGENDY John Lithgow) after he is accused of murdering his wife. With the help of his useless assistant and investigator, Josh, tries to unravel this mystery.

Season 4 and finale season, on Lightbox
Set behind the scenes of the reality dating show Everlasting, where the producers manipulate the bachelor, contestants and each other. Anything to get people watching.

Every episode, Netflix
From Ricky Gervais (wrote, directed and starred), the unexpectedly sweet series about a socially challenged middle-aged man, working in a retirement home that only sees the best in everyone.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Season 1-8, Netflix
Shortly after Anthony Bourdain’s death the series was planned to leave Netflix for American subscribers. After a public outcry, Netflix renewed the contract and now 8 seasons are available internationally.

Boardwalk Empire
All 5 seasons, Neon
Set during the prohibition era, Steve Buscemi plays Enoch L. Johnson, the real life kingpin known as ‘Knucky’, who dealt in every kind of illegal activity, as long as it made him money.

The Knick
Every episode Neon
Set in a Hospital at the beginning of the 20th century, when surgeons are still unlocking the mysteries of the human body.

Sugar Rush
Another baking show coming from Netflix with teams of bakers fighting the clock and each other for a $10,000 cash prize each episode.

Final space
An Animated adventure about an astronaut named Gary sets out on a journey to the edge of the universe to see if it actually exists. 

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