Winter wellness and food tips

Weekend Life 28/07/2018
Credit: Getty.

With spring only one month away, winter wellness can be crucial to get you through the next few weeks.

Nicola Galloway, owner of Homegrown Kitchen joins Carly Flynn to discuss how to keep warm and healthy this winter, and shares her incredible ideas behind gingerbread loaf.

Her winter wellness tips include getting out in the sun and to make sure you’re staying active, which can boost your mood.

Mrs Galloway is searching for new things to do with winter vegetables, as in winter she is still eating heavy and heart-warming foods.

She like to use pumpkin to make a delicious gingerbread, loaf style – to which Carly says she often has to throw her pumpkin on the driveway just to break it up!

Her gingerbread is similar to banana bread. She suggests always cooking extra pumpkin to always use later.

You can find the full gingerbread loaf recipe here.

Listen to the interview with Nicola Galloway above.

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