Craig Heatley: The man behind New Zealand's SKY TV

Weekend Life 12/08/2018
Credit: Getty.

A few words spring to mind when one thinks of Craig Heatley; success, golf and SKY TV.

He's the businessman behind some of New Zealand's biggest brands, including; Rainbows End and Kelly Tarltons.

Mr Heatley joined RadioLIVE’s Trudi Nelson to discuss a new book about him, his mantra and where his entrepreneurial mind-set came from.

In the early 80s, Mr Heatley came up with the idea of Auckland based theme park, called Rainbows End, after creating various mini golf courses around the country.

Author Joanne Black’s book No Limits focuses on Mr Heatley and how he became a top New Zealand entrepreneur.

When speaking about success, he says “don’t put limits on yourself”.

Mr Heatley says you have to keep fighting and he's very happy he’s in the position of having control of his time.

Life is about family, love, experiences and friendships. It’s not about how big your boat is or how many cars you have.

Mr Heatley told RadioLIVE he believes males tend to live in the future, but women are a lot better at living in the present.

Listen to the interview with Craig Heatley above.

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