British comedian Griff Rhys Jones returning to NZ

Weekend Life 26/08/2018
Credit: File.

English comedian Griff Rhys Jones is coming to perform in New Zealand in late November for his three city tour of Where Was I.

Mr Rhys Jones is well known for Smith and Jones, his television show with partner and fellow comedian Mel Smith, who passed away in 2013.

He told RadioLIVE’s Leah Panapa he hasn’t returned back to New Zealand since the 1980s and is excited to see his Kiwi fans.

As well as having a successful comedy career, Mr Rhys Jones also dabbled in becoming a travel show host.

He explains he used to mock the man standing in the middle of nowhere talking to the camera about the wilderness and how weird it was to have to switch to it seriously.

Mr Rhys Jones explains his stand up tour has a double meaning. Not only does he explain his travels and memories but also his journey through life.

Listen to the interview with Griff Rhys Jones above.

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