A musical icon: Engelbert Humperdinck

Weekend Life 19/08/2018

In 1936, Arnold George Dorsey was born in Chennai, India. But you’ll best know him as Engelbert Humperdinck, the British pop singer.

The name change was on the advice of his good friend and former roommate, Gordon Mills – who went on to become the manager of Tom Jones.

Next year, Engelbert Humperdinck will tour New Zealand.

RadioLIVE’s Carly Flynn caught up with the 82-year-old to talk about his upbringing, music and what his Kiwi fans can expect at his shows here next year.

He discovered his voice at age 17 in a pub, when it was the first time he had sang publicly and he received a standing ovation.

Before his shows he used to hang out with Elvis backstage, and they often sang each other’s songs at their own concerts.

Mr Humperdinck says he tries to keep himself as young as possible: “I’m the new 50”.

He explains one of his most famous songs 10 guitars may have been based on the fact he grew up with 10 siblings.

Mr Humperdinck says he has learned to understand that social media is a great part of life, and appreciates that he has a great following on Facebook.

Engelburt Humperdinck will be touring the country early next year, stating he “loves Kiwi audiences”.

The Man I Want To Be 2019 tour
Tickets on sale now

Thursday February 28 – Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland
Saturday March 2 – Isaac Royal Theatre, Christchurch
Monday March 4 – Opera House, Wellington

Listen to the interview with Carly Flynn above.

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