'We act like it doesn't exist until it gets us': Stan Walker on cancer

Weekend Life 05/08/2018
Credit: File.

A year after surviving stomach cancer, Kiwi singer-songwriter Stan Walker is back and ready to tour on stage again.

He told The AM Show this week; "It's been like five years since I toured New Zealand and postponed two tours.

“There [were] a few moments I almost died, and I could have died.”

We act like [cancer] doesn’t exist until it gets us.

Mr Walker told RadioLIVE’s Trudi Nelson that following his cancer operation, he only had an hour a day to go outside.

“Lying in bed for months and not even being able to go outside just changed my focus.”

“It felt like hell because I was just disabled.”

“I got my cancer early,” Mr Walker told RadioLIVE.

He says having family around was the best medicine, but he would still “count down the hours and the days” in the hospital.

Mr Walker says the surgery has affected his singing voice, but admits the new one he has is “stronger and probably better” than it was before.

“I’ve gone into new territory with my voice,” he says.

Listen to the interview with Stan Walker above.

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