The Chase’s Anne Hegerty on trivia, fame, and visiting New Zealand

Weekend Life 18/08/2018

Though Anne Hegerty is watched by millions of Kiwis each week, her four-day tour of New Zealand is a first for the quizmaster.

Known as the Governess in her role as a “Chaser” on hit British TV show The Chase, Hagerty took a break from filming the The Chase AU of to fly across the Tasman for the weekend.

Hegerty also took on a 90-second quiz hosted by RadioLIVE's Carly Flynn, where her knowledge of sporting history, which she'd previously admitted was shaky, gave her some trouble.

The Chase star also discusses her rise to fame, her “sticky” memory, and why British contestants outperform their Aussie counterparts. 

Watch the full interview with Anne Hegerty above.

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