Top tips for parents with teen daughters

Weekend Life 04/08/2018
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As any parent of a teenager will know, it's not always easy.

Sarah Hughes joined RadioLIVE's Carly Flynn on Weekend Life with a brand new book, called Practical Strategies to Survive Your Daughter's Teenage Years, to help skip the drama.

Quite a lot of issues that parents faces now are the same that parents of the past had to face, but 2018 has come with lots of new challenges too - social media, excessive phone use, plus increases in anxiety and depression.

“It can be hard to think about kids and teens as well, struggling with what we usually think about as adult issues like anxiety and depression” she told RadioLIVE.

Ms Hughes says that the number one mistake she sees parents make is that they get really drawn into the “do what I say because I’m the parent” mentality, which works well for primary age children but not as well for teenagers.

Changing to more of a collaborate approach as the kids reach teen-age, setting boundaries  but  finding a balance between being firm and trying to find a middle ground works well.

“Regardless of what age group it is it’s just about having the right strategy,” she says.

Sometimes parents do get it wrong, Ms Hughes says the biggest mistake is discrepancies between what the parents say and what they actually do.

At the end of the day hormones and brain development are generally responsible for teenage behaviours, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be excused.

Ms Hughes says that parents “need to have some boundaries in place so that teens are able to sort of learn how to regulate themselves.”

Listen to the full interview with Sarah Hughes above.

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