Weekend Life: In case you missed Saturday

Weekend Life 25/08/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Carly Flynn on Saturday, 25th August.

Mortages: 10 is the new 30

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In New Zealand, the standard term for a mortage is 30 years as the bank tends to offer, but is it possible to pay it off faster?

Carly Flynn talks finance with Enable Me advisor Hannah McQueen and how 10 can be the new 30.

The best hikes around the world

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Chris Zeiher from Lonely Planet joins Carly Flynn to devle into the best hikes not only in New Zealand, but around the world.

The Abel Tasman coast track, the routeburn track and the Cape Brett lighthouse make his New Zealand list, but what about the USA?

Farina - Italian eatery

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Sergio Maglione owner of Farina, an Italian eatery in Ponsonby joins Carly to share why he got into cooking and what he wants to achieve with his new business.

He is one of the headline chefs at this year’s Taste of Auckland, November 13-16.

Family food book

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Author Hetty McKinnon joins Carly Flynn to discuss the importance of sitting down for a family meal.

Her newest book Family is a cook book comprised of all her favourite family dishes.

Fashion Week

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New Zealand fashion designer Turet Knuefermann will open the prestigious 2018 NZ Fashion Week for the first time in her 13 year career.

She speaks with Carly about why she has decided to debut now and how she has merged motherhood with her fashion career.

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