Weekend Life: In case you missed Sunday

Weekend Life 26/08/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Leah Panapa on Sunday 26th August, 2018.

The battle to be Australia's Prime Minister

Credit: AAP.

Friday saw Scott Morrison sworn in as Australia's new prime minister, replacing Malcolm Turnball.

Phil Coorey, political editor for Australian Financial Review joins Leah Panapa to dissect the latest week and the public's reactions.

Following on, Kate Hunter associate professor at Victoria University talks with Leah about the new prime minister, and how New Zealand is feeling about it.

Political Panel: Verity Johnson & Ben Thomas

Credit: File.

Clare Curran's resignation, Simon Bridges text leaker, wheel clamping and Donald Trump. 

Leah Panapa is joined by Verity Johnson, social commentator and Ben Thomas, PR consultant to discuss the week's political news.

With one from the left and one from the right, what will they agree on?


Credit: bizEDGE.

Leah is joined by Kerry Topp, associate director transformation and innovation at Datacom.

They discuss this year's theme, what the goal is and how Datacomp works.

Wheel clamping

Credit: Getty.

The Government announced on Wednesday it will amend the Land Transport Act 1998 to introduce caps to the amount that can be charged when a vehicle is clamped.

Are the cowboys about to be run out of town? Leah is joined by Mark Stockdale, an AA spokesperson.

Super City towing

Credit: File.

Craig Burrows from Super City towing talked with Leah whether the new regulations against clamping will put him out of business.

He admits whether he saw this coming and what he considers a fair fine.


Credit: File.

Twenty years ago, the word ‘mindfulness’ was considered to be way out there, like something you would encounter at a yoga retreat.  

Leah is joined by life coach Harold Hillman to answer what does ‘mindfulness’ really mean?

Section 501

Credit: Loom Films.

When coming home is the hardest part of the sentence - a new documetary film explores the section 501 deportee experience.

Director Nick Mayow joins Leah to discuss the film and what he wanted to achieve.

Bob Dylan preview

Credit: File.

Bob Dylan is coming to play in New Zealand on Sunday the 26th August in Auckland, and Tuesday 28th August in Christchurch.

Paula Yeoman, our resident music reviewer joins Leah to play her favourite tracks.

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