FISH Restaurant’s new chef Wallace Mua shares how he fell for cooking

Weekend Life 15/09/2018

Wallace Mua has come full circle at Auckland’s Hilton Hotel as the new head of premier seafood eatery FISH Restaurant.

After spending six years cooking in France with his French wife, Mr Mua is back in New Zealand at a restaurant that celebrates local, sustainable produce.

Mr Mua returns to the Hilton restaurant as executive chef many years after joining hotel’s housekeeping team at age 15.

Wallace Mua at FISH Restaurant.

“I’m pretty good at many things, but I’m not great at anything. Cooking is probably the one thing I’m getting close to being great at,” Mr Mua told RadioLIVE.

The Kiwi chef admits that his Samoan roots have got him using coconut cream in many of his dishes and he’s even been experimenting with taro leaves for future recipes.

Mr Wallace prepared an easy, fresh ceviche in the RadioLIVE studio.

Watch the full interview with Wallace Mua above.  

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