From hair to foils: Service aims to reduce the impact of your salon visit

Weekend Life 01/09/2018
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The move towards eco-friendly services just took a big step, but this time, it’s where you go for your monthly trim or highlights.

Salons are now being encouraged to amp up their recycle game, from hair to foils, with the help of Australia-based service Sustainable Salons.

Sustainable Salons collects waste which is normally hard to dispose of from salons such as beauty, hair and even dog groomers.

“Commodity waste” like foils and colour tubes are sold with 100 percent of the proceeds going towards programmes to feed hungry people across Australia and New Zealand.

Chemical waste like hydrogen peroxide is turned back into water used for manufacturing and building, rather than going dribbling down the drain. 

“Sustainable Salons was born solving the problem of salon waste in general,” said founder Mr Frasca.

Mr Frasca came about Sustainable Salons when he and his partner, who was studying Sustainability in the Fashion Industry, investigated the waste of a hair salon.

Just three years later the business plan was written up for Sustainable Salons.

Mr Frasca said that Sustainable Salons wanted to make hair into a valuable resource so they enlisted the help of students at the University of Technology Sydney to see what they could make.

What they came up with is called a “hair boom”, or a metre-long sausage of hair waste used to soak up crude oil from the ocean. Each one can contain four litres of crude oil and you can squeeze out three litres, making it reusable.

The service’s ultimate goal is to make salons in Australia and New Zealand zero waste and they are currently able to take 95 percent the salons’ waste.

“For us it really mattered to us about building not just a business, but ultimately a social enterprise that really gives back,” said Mr Frasca.

Listen to the full interview with Paul Frasca above.

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