Meet Toto's founding rocker Steve Lukather

Weekend Life 09/09/2018
Credit: Youtube.

Africa, Hold The Line, Roseanne, I Won’t Hold You Back - these iconic songs hold a place in history and are well known throughout the world.

Steve Lukather, the founding member of rock band Toto joins RadioLIVE’s Trudi Nelson to share his influencers, the downsides of his career and what it’s like being a part of Toto.

The band is performing in New Zealand next year, at A Summer’s Day Live alongside Kiwi band Dragon.

Mr Lukather used to tour with Ringo Starr and was heavily influenced by The Beatles when establishing his own music.

A few of his children now have their own bands, and music has been a big part of all their lives.

Mr Lukather told RadioLIVE he was only seven or eight years old when he considered a music career, and says “this is the only thing I know”.

The only downside is being away from home and away from his children, he explains.

Toto was formed because all of the band members went to high school together and expanded from there.

Mr Lukather says whoever is not around anymore is still there in his heart and in the music.

Listen to the interview with Steve Lukather above.

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