Weekend Life: In case you missed Sunday

Weekend Life 09/09/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Trudi Nelson on Sunday 9th September, 2018.

Clare Curran resignation

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Clare Curran spoke to media on Friday after resigning from cabinet, stating the 'pressue had become intolerable'.

Dr Bryce Edwards political commentator and analyst of critical politics joins Trudi Nelson to discuss whether Ardern took the right direction.

Private Member's Bill

We have a look at a bill to be presented which aims to ensure all students from year one to eight will have access to learn a second language.

Trudi speaks with Auckland central MP Nikki Kaye ahead of 'Maori Language Week’, starting on September 10th.

Sunday Dollars and Sense

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Emerging markets are selling off rapidly, led by Turkey and Argentina and Trumps trade war continues to escalate.

Shamubeel Eaqub, our resident economist joins Trudi Nelson for all your money matters.

Political Panel - Don Brash and Robert Reid

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Clare Curran's resignation, homeless people living in cowsheds, Te-Reo Maori in schools and Marama Fox & the Maori party.

Trudi is joined by Don Brash, former leader of National & ACT parties and Robert Reid, general secretary at national distribution union.

With one from the left and one from the right, what will they agree on?

Butcher of the year

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The Alto butcher of the year awards were held on September 8th, with Countdown meat & seafood butcher Riki Kerekere taking away the crown.

Trudi speaks with Riki about the ceremomy, what he had to do to get there and what it means to him.

Ruscoe Fashion

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Ruscoe is a brand that believes the art of style and fashion knows no boundaries or limitations. It brings life and joy, hope, passion and emotion. It’s timeless couture, it’s “artfashion”.

Ruscoe Bustenera-Kirby speaks with Trudi about appearing at New Zealand Fashion Week, his background, and what's next for the brand.

Fighting against scammers

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As money week wraps up on the 9th September, Estelle Sarney who works with fraud education managers joins Trudi.

She speaks about Browyn Groot's 'little black book' that can be used to fight against scammers, and how to keep yourself safe.

How to keep your best employees

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With more jobs opening up and a critical shortage in some skilled professions, team leaders have to work harder to keep their top performers from leaving.  

Harold Hillman our leadership coach joins Trudi to explain the strategies to help retain your best people.

NZ's craziest facial hair

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Beards, moustaches & whiskerinas - a call for New Zealand's craziest and most amazing facial hair characters.

Ygnacio Cervio, producer and event organiser joins Trudi to discuss the New Zealand 5th beard & moustache competition.

Summer gigs to look foward to

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Toto and Phil Collins are coming to New Zealand early next year, as well as NZ singers Six60 and Theia performing in Summer.

Paula Yeoman our music reviewer joins Trudi Nelson to let us know her pick from the upcoming summer festivals.

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