Impostor syndrome: the domain of high achievers

Weekend Life 27/10/2018
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With the pressures we all face in modern society a bit of self-doubt is normal, but many people have an internalised panic over being exposed as a fraud, despite evidence otherwise.

Jess Stuart is an author and life coach who joined Weekend Life with Carly Flynn to talk about how 70 per cent of people suffer from something called impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome is a psychological phenomenon when people perform well but have persistent fear inside that they’ll get ‘found out’ for not knowing as much as people think they do.

Impostor syndrome really is the domain of high achievers

Ms Stuart says that impostor syndrome often means that we downplay our achievements and wave away success, assuming that other people are wrong about how well we’re doing.

But in reality, it’s all in your head.

Impostor syndrome is very common in women, but also prevalent in men, but rarely talked about so many people assume they are the only ones who feel that way.

Although there is no quick fix for overcoming self-doubt, Ms Stuarts best piece of advice is giving yourself permission to make mistakes.

“People say ‘how do you overcome impostor syndrome?’ and I like to sort of phrase it that it’s more about how we navigate it.”

Listen to the full interview with Jess Stuart above.

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