Kiwi chef Peter Gordon on what's new in food

Weekend Life 14/10/2018
Credit: RadioLIVE.

Chef Peter Gordon joins RadioLIVE’s Trudi Nelson to discuss what he’s up to now, his childhood and what’s new in food presentation.

London based but born and raised in Whanganui, Mr Gordon thinks he grew up with the ‘idealic childhood’.

From a young age Mr Gordon worked with Air New Zealand, and now provides themed meals on some of their long haul flights.

He also works with the Sugar Club restaurant, which started in London and is now a popular spot at the top of the Sky Tower in Auckland City.

He works with the LBCNZ fundraiser ‘Dine with a Difference’ raising money for cancer, which held an event in Auckland last night.

The reason he feels so strongly towards raising money is in 1994 his sister was diagnosed with leukaemia.

However, she battled through and is now living her life and surfing it up in Australia.

Mr Gordon also shares what he is dabbling in now, what he believes is the hottest new food item, and what he makes of Food TV.

Listen to the interview with Peter Gordon above.

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