Sharon O'Neill talks life, upcoming NZ tour

Weekend Life 07/10/2018
Credit: Youtube.

Still writing and creating music many years on, Sharon O’Neill joins Sean Plunket and Mary Lambie on Weekend Life to delve into her tour “Home Again II”.

Living in Australia since 1981, this Kiwi singer from Nelson moved to Sydney when her record contract transferred her, but she explains she always slips right back into the New Zealand accent when she’s back.

It’s lovely to go home.

Sharon will return to New Zealand in February to play concerts in Christchurch, Wellington and Nelson performing favourites such as ‘Maxine’, ‘Words’, ‘Lucks on Your Table’ and ‘Asian Paradise’.

She explains how hard touring was back in the 1980’s, and how it is more enjoyable for her now touring with her husband, Alan Mansfield.

Always enjoying music, Sharon says she grew up loving the radio and listening to music out loud, she doesn’t like having the headphones in her ears as people do nowadays, she explains it sounds like ‘bees buzzing’.

Although hard to pick, she admits her favourite song would have to be Danced In The Fire.

Listen to the interview with Sharon O’Neill above.

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