Weekend Life: In case you missed Sunday

Weekend Life 07/10/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Sean Plunket & Mary Lambie in for Trudi Nelson on Sunday 7th October, 2018.

After-hours medical care

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Sean Pluket & Mary Lambie are joined by Michael Woodhouse, Opposition spokesperson on health.

He discusses the raised prices of after-hours medical care and whether hospital visitors should have to pay such exorbiant parking fees in order to visit the sick.

Protests at fuel stations

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A Timaru painter has organised a series of protests at fuel stations throughout the region.

Karl Savage joins Sean and Mary to discuss why he decided to do something about it and what the protest will involve.

Money Matters

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The New Zealand dollar is down meaning imports of fuel and clothes are becoming more expensive.

Shamubeel Eaqub, our resident economist joins Sean and Mary for all your money matters.

Political Panel: Vernon Tava & Robert Reid

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Nationals text leaker, Jamie-Lee Ross takes leave, Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.

Sean and Mary are joined by Vernon Tava, business broker & political commentator and Robert Reid, First Union president for this weeks Political Panel.

Peer to peer blockchain

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Co-founder CEO & finalist entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Aaron McDonald joins Sean and Mary to explain peer-to-peer blockchain.

He discusses why it's upcoming, and why it it's important to be wary of big companies such as Facebook.

An electricity bill of over 18k

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Nanette Moreau, electricity commissioner talks with Sean and Mary after a small New Zealand company recieved an energy bill for 18 thousand dollars.

She discusses how many complaints she recieves a year and the process it's important users adhere to.

Are you actively shaping your personal brand?

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It really pays to to put some time and effort into building a strong personal brand with every interaction that comes your way.

Harold Hillman our leadership coach joins Sean and Mary to encourage people to actively shape their personal brand at work.

City of 100 lovers

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Justin Brown, animation writer, director and bestselling author joins Sean and Mary to promote his new musical comedy City of 100 Lovers.

The musical will play for 9 months at Skycity Theatre from October 12th.

Curious words and phrases

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Wordsmith Max Cryer joins Sean and Mary to promote his new book CURIOUS English WORDS and phrases.

He answers why is sex outside marriage called 'adultery' and how 'flat stick' came to mean 'fast'.

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