Rob Hamill: Raising a family at sea

Weekend Life 04/11/2018
Credit: Getty.

Former rowing champion Rob Hamill joins RadioLIVE’s Trudi Nelson to discuss the Waikato 100 and raising a family while sailing around the world.

Mr Hamill is in the country for the Waikato 100 - an event that is designed to help Kiwis reconnect with the Waikato River, the region’s most precious Taonga.

It’s an endurance event for waka ama, rowing, kayaking, and surfboard.

As well as winning awards and the world record on an indoor rowing machine, Mr Hamill and his family sail around the world and live on a yacht.

They bought the catamaran four years ago, and he explains what it’s like raising a family while sailing.

Mr Hamill told RadioLIVE there is still mayhem and carnage on the water every day.

He hopes this experience will make his children well-rounded and give them the gift of family presence, looking at the benefits of bringing people together and getting children away from screen-time.

Listen to the full interview with Rob Hamill above.

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