Weekend Life: In case you missed Saturday

Weekend Life 10/11/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Carly Flynn for Saturday, 10th November.

This week in politics 

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Newshub reporter Jenna Lynch talks Ian Lees-Galloway, an update on the teachers strike, changes to Kiwibuild and Jerry Brownlee and Trevor Mallard's flighty decison to to spend $24k watching rugby in Japan.

Why Kiwis should care about responsible investing 

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Kiwiwealth’s Joe Bishop, discusses the term ‘responsible investing’ and the role providers play in investing KiwiSaver money in companies that manufacture undesirables such as cluster munitions.

Cooking, christmas and charity

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Michele Crashaw discusses Annabel Langbein's new book, getting ready for christmas and John Campbell's reasons to be grateful.

The dangers of drinking while pregnant

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Newshub senior journalist Ruwani Perera talks about the damaging impact the consumption of alcohol can have on a child during pregnancy.

Air New Zealand video gains views, loses meaning

Has Air New Zealand's newly released flight video, lost it's safety message 
to commercialism? Newshub travel editor, Dan Lake speaks with Carly Flynn.

'Kiwibuild helps the very few and not the many'

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Former ACT Party leader Rodney Hide joins Carly Flynn to discuss issues with KiwiBuild.

Diabetic-friendly recipe book

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Author Claire Turnbull joins Carly Flynn to discuss her new diabetic-friendly recipe book Eat Well, Live Well and facing the stigma behind diabetes. Proceeds go to Diabetes New Zealand.

Expert tips for furniture arrangement

It’s time to get the lounge of your dreams! Katie Tomasi-Edwards, cowner of MJT Property Styling, shares the common faux pas to avoid made when arranging furniture.

Motoring: Driving ages and strange motoring rules around the world

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Motoring regular Sandy Myre, talks about the different ages in various countries where you can qualify to drive a car - and some of the very strange rules in place for car driving in particular countries.

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