Weekend Life: In case you missed Sunday

Weekend Life 25/11/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Trudi Nelson on Sunday 25th November, 2018.

Overlooked and undervalued - the midwife experience  

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Experienced nurse and midwife Libby Cain joins Trudi Nelson to discuss the ongoing midwife protest. 

Three million phones expected to chime

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Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management Director, Sarah Stuart-Black  explains the live test taking place today between 6-7pm. 

Money Matters

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RadioLIVE's resident economist Shamubeel Eaqub discusses housing and New Zealand's weak financial market.

John Palino to run for Mayor of Auckland again

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Auckland mayoral aspirant John Palino reveals his decision to run for mayor for a third time.

Fight for our forests

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Author Paul Bensemann talks his new book, Fight for our forests - the pivotal campaigns that saved New Zealand’s native forests.

The Trust Triangle - build tighter connections at work

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Leadership coach Harold Hillman discusses how the three dimensions of trust that can make or break your success.

A Kiwi look into swimming

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Author and wild swimming enthusiast Annette Lees talks her new book, Swim.

The ARIA Awards

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Music reviewer Paula Yeoman discusses the ARIA Awards in Australia this week.

Political Panel

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Presenter Verity Johnson and broadcaster Sean Plunket discuss the teachers strike, housing and the rough sleeping ban.

Politics 100

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Town versus Country, Left v Right. Parliament's young guns Chloe Swarbrick from the Greens and National's MP Matt King discuss this week's politics news.

Lee Child reveals new Jack Reacher book

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World renowned author of the Jack Reacher novels, Lee Child, talks his new book, Past Tense.

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