Last minute Christmas wrapping, decorations and hacks

Weekend Life 22/12/2018
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The silly season is notorious for getting the best of us ahead of Christmas, from the stresses of gift giving to hosting the family for the week.

But fear not - because for every issue, there's an app or tip. Katie Tomasi-Edwards, co-owner of MJT Property Styling, shares her top last-minute tips for a successful Christmas.

Useful app:

Download "Santa's Bag" for a simplified Christmas. The app provides a countdown to Christmas, your 2018 Christmas budget, and how many gifts you still need to buy. It will also help for next year - when you can look back at what you bought for who - so you don't buy the same thing again! This app is Tomasi-Edwards' personal favourite.

Last-minute decorations:

An idea is following the Scandinavians and going for a less is more approach - simplicity in its finest. Some easy ways to spruce up the home ahead of Christmas day are:

  • String fairy lights throughout your home. Buy a cheap pack from Kmart or the Warehouse and thread them up and down your stairways. You can also lace your tree with fairy lights - dont worry too much if you can't be stressed with ornaments - they look gorgeous and minimalist this way with just lights.
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  • Another way to make your home feel festive with minimal effort is placing organic greenery around the house. Pop some pine in a jar or drape some garland under the TV with fairy lights. Or just put up a simple wreath laced with fairy lights. You will capture the spirit of the season effortlessly.

 What to do with your artificial tree:

Sometimes families can collect multiple artificial trees over the years that end up staying in the garage. A creative way to get rid of them can be to simply pop them in each of your children's bedrooms.  

Prince George and princess Charlotte do this at their nana's house and they are allowed to decorate their trees however they like too.

If you have a very small child, you can make a toddler-friendly one  made of green felt. Simply attack the ornaments with Velcro strips.  

Making Christmas a little more sustainable:

  • Ditch the wrapping paper and wrap those gifts in fabric! Those who don't sew can opt for tea towels or save up those linen bags that Wallace Cotton gives out!
  • Wrap your gifts in plain brown paper, and make decorated gingerbread for your name tags! Alternatively, decorate the paper with some simple twine and a spring of rosemary.
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Ensure your guests are comfortable:

A beautiful easy way to make guests feel comfortable is by creating a care package with a range of useful items. Focus on the necessities that guests often forget like razors, makeup wipes, hair ties, painkillers and toothpaste. But don’t forget the fun bits like midnight chocolate, chippies and bottled water.

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Bottle water is a very important thing to remember to put in the room, as there is nothing worse than being in a new house and having to wander around an unfamiliar kitchen!

Another really important welcome factor is providing a little plaque or picture frame with the Wi-Fi code and password.

Listen to the full interview with Katie Tomasi-Edwards above.