RadioLIVE's Sunday Sport discusses the relevance of the All Blacks haka

Sunday Sport 12/08/2018

Sunday Sport trio Andrew Gourdie, Jim Kayes and Geoff Bryan discuss their thoughts around comments from former All Blacks that they are 'haka-ed out'.

In a soon to be released book called The Jersey, Kees Meeuws and Sir Colin Meads both comment on their lack of enthusiasm for the All Blacks pre-test match ritual.

A number of ex-players raised concerns in the book that the use of the war dance has become more commercial than tradition.

"Some dignitary or sports person turns up or a film star at the airport and they haka them," says Sir Colin.

"It is ridiculous. I think it has become a celebrity thing. All the schools practice it."

While Meeuws believes the haka has lost its mana.

"… they play 14 test matches a year, and that's too much as far as the haka is concerned. We should either have it at home or just away from home like it used to be, not both," he said.

Gourdie, Kayes and Bryan discuss the status of the haka and if it gives the All Blacks an advantage.

Watch the full discussion above.

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