Saturday Sport: In case you missed it

Saturday Sport 11/08/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits with Brendan Telfer on Saturday Sport, 11th August.

Blake Green

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Last nights Warriors performance has been described as 'workman like', with only three matches left before the team completes their minor premiereship.

Blake Green, Australian rugby league footballer joins Brendan Telfer to discuss what's next for the team.

The story of Keith Murdoch

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Keith Murdoch, expelled from the All Black tour in 1972 has had his name and reputation sullied with shame and disgrace.

40 years on and some think there might be more to the story, Authour Ron Palenski joins Brendan Telfer to discuss his book Murdoch: The All Black Who Never Returned.

Following the interview with Ron Palenski, what about Murdochs version on what happened with his expulsion?

Intrepid reporter, Margot McRae was part of a series called Mud and Glory, where she finds him, and he tells his side of the story. Margot sits down with Brendan Telfer.

Yvette McCausland

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New Zealand Netball team The Pulse have never won a national provincial championship title.

Ahead of tomorrow’s championship, coach Yvette McCausland speaks with Brendan Telfer on what they can expect.

Simon Brady

USA Rugby has teamed up with the NZ Golden Oldies in an effort to promote particpation in rugby in the USA, looking instead at the youth market.

But how do old guys playing rugby encourage the youth? Simon Brady, chief executive officer of Golden Oldies speaks with Brendan Telfer.

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