Albums From The Class of 1978: Prince, For You

Weekend Variety Wireless 18/02/2018

This week Graeme and music critic Grant Smithies re-spin Prince’s debut effort from 1978, 'For You'.

Writing his first album at only age 19, there may be more to Prince than you know... as Graeme and Mr Smithies let us in on a little history.

Graeme plays some of the songs from the first album, including 'For You', and 'In Love'.

Speaking bout his lifetime, Mr Smithies says;

 He had this fearless run of killer records!

He analyses 'Just as Long as We're Together'... concluding that there are too many notes in the song!

Graeme is having trouble getting used to it as well... "I'd be wrong to say it's a rubbish album."

Listen to the full audio with Grant Smithies above.

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