Why are you picking on the Catholic Church?

Weekend Variety Wireless 26/02/2018
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Investigative journalist Ben Schneider joins Graeme Hill on Weekend Variety Wireless to discuss the Catholic Church in Austalia.

There has been a staggering amount of sexual assault claims in Australia - Over 4,000 to be exact. Mr. Schneider discuss the royal commission's inquiry into said sexual assaults, and asks the question of whether or not the compensation received is enough?

In the initial inquiry performed by the Victorian Commision, the Church refused to reveal their assets. When the inquiry was taken on by the Royal Commision they revealed their assets - but used historical rates opposed to current prices. This left their total estimated asset value at $100 mil.  Mr. Schneider reveals that it if we take into account all of the Church's assets their estimated value in Victoria alone is $9 billion.

They value their reputation...over secular justice

He also looks at the estimated payout value which is $35,000 on average. Graeme and Mr. Schneider ponder whether this is this enough when you take into account early death, alcoholism and other outcomes for victims of sexual assault. 

Mr Schneider's team asked the Catholic Church for a statement of any form, of which they declined to comment. 

Listen to the full audio with Ben Schneider above.

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