Crystal Reign: A novel on meth

Weekend Variety Wireless 18/02/2018

Kelly Lyndon has had personal experience watching her a friend going through the stages of taking Meth. Her novel, Crystal Reign, shares her story and other information about the drug. 

Her personal experiences watching friends and family’s lives devastated by methamphetamine made her realise there'e not enough information out there.

Watching her family friend go through it, she says: "I can only describe him as an animal."

Researching crystal meth, or "ice", she discovered her story was similar to all the other stories she found.

She also reacts to the recent interview Graeme conducted with NZ Drug Foundation head Ross Bell advocating for the decriminalisation of all drugs.

Listen to the full audio with Kelly Lyndon above.

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Correction: The original article stated that the NZ Drug Foundation advocated for the legalisation of all drugs. This has since been changed for accuracy.